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PCOS & Laser hair removal

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome also known as PCOS for short is a medical condition that causes small cysts to form around the ovaries. This condition affects 1 out of every 10 women with ovaries; signs of PCOS can be irregular/no menstrual cycle, weight gain, acne, infertility: and the main sign is unusual amounts of hair on the body (mainly face, breasts and belly area). What causes the increase of hair growth in PCOS? An excess overproduction of a male hormone called Androgen causes the testosterone in a woman’s body to rise, causing the increase of unwanted hair growth along with the possibility of the hair being thicker and darker than normal. If you have this condition you do have the option of treating this excess of unwanted hair with Laser Hair Removal!

Laser hair removal is a great option, what laser hair removal will do for the excess hair growth is help reduce the hair treated from growing in as fast and frequently, this is not a form of permanent hair removal (atleast not yet) but will greatly reduce the growth of the unwanted hair. Women with PCOS will be required to have more sessions for desired results as compared toa woman without PCOS since PCOS makes the hair growth persistent and more resilient. It typically takes a minimum of 6 sessions to see great results where as someone with PCOS will need a minimum of 10-12 sessions, for your treatment sessions you will need to come in every 4-6 weeks for facial hair and 6-8 weeks for body. As for all clients doing Laser hair removal, you will need to maintain these results after you have finished the 10-12 sessions that are the minimum for PCOS clients, everyone’s hair growth is so different to be able to give an average on how frequent you will need to come in for maintenance so maintenance is a as needed basis.

The best candidates for Laser hair removal is someone who has dark thick hair, if the hair is Blonde, Grey, White or Red then the Laser will not be able to recognize it and target it. Don’t let PCOS dictate your life and the way you feel about yourself as there is an option for this unwanted hair!

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