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Can I Get Laser Hair Removal in the Summer?

Laser Hair Removal in the Summer

Its almost summer time, the time where it gets hot, humid and we he TAN!

So why do we recommend getting your laser hair removal er done before summer?

Obviously during the summer we like to hang out in the hot weather with the blazing sun that gets our melanin excited and turns us tan! While getting laser hair removal treatments, in order to practice safe and effective treatments we recommend you not being in pro longed sun exposure along with getting a nice tan. Increasing your melanin production can cause the laser to burn you as the laser is looking for the pigment in the hair and if your melanin is more active then your skin will have more pigment to it then normal causing the laser to be attracted to the tanned skin which can a burn. Also while being out in 8 the sun and hotter weather it causes our bodies to hold on to more heat, when doing laser we are using a heat source and adding heat from the laser, before AND after pro longed sun exposure can cause the skin to be overwhelmed with heat causing again burns, yes you can get post treatment hyper-pigmentation from pro longed sun exposure too soon after treatment. Laser burns can be temporary hyper-pigmentation or if severe enough, hypo-pigmentation meaning all melanin is gone in the damaged area. This is why we suggest to sta away from pro longed sun exposure and or tanning two weeks BEFOR and AFTER treatments to ensure we protect your skin! If you are unsure, always reschedule!

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