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Spider Vein Removal - Varicose Vein Treatment

Spider veins can creep along the ankles, calves, or face as we age. These red or blue veins appear on men and women, though they are often concealed by hair growth on men.

Amerejuve’s ND: Yag technology can remove spider veins under 3mm or help clear up residual spider veins after other types of treatment, such as sclerotherapy. The ND: Yag is a laser that is most often used for laser hair removal. However, the equipment can be adjusted to target unwanted spider veins instead. Read more information below, or call us at (713) 960-6262 to schedule a free consultation in Houston.

How does it work?

The energy from the laser targets pigment. In this case, it targets the pigment in the vein. The heat from the laser causes the blood inside the spider vein to coagulate, sealing off the vein. Once the vein is sealed, the body will naturally remove it from the skin, causing it to fade and disappear. Amerejuve offers this treatment at our Houston locations.

What should I expect after my spider vein treatment?

For a few days, the skin may be red or tender, similar to a sun burn. The color of the vein will change from dark blue to light red, then will fade or disappear completely over the course of 2-6 weeks.

If you are prone to forming spider veins, you will likely continue to develop new spider veins over time. The same treatment will continue to be effective for any new, small veins that appear.

How many treatments will I need?

Depending on the size and number of spider veins to be treated, usually 1-3 treatments are recommended. The treatments should be spaced 8-10 weeks apart.

Are there any side effects?

Initially, the skin may become tender or red, like a sun burn. Rarely, the treatment can cause pigmentation in the skin of the treated area. The skin will return to normal over time.

Do you have financing available?

Yes, please see our Pricing and Financing page for more information.

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