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eMatrix: Stretch Mark Reduction, Skin Discoloration and Acne Scar Repair

What is eMatrix?

eMatrix reduces the appearance of stretch marks, mild to moderate wrinkles, superficial skin discoloration and textural irregularities such as acne scarring. The treatment takes about 10-20 minutes. The technology was developed by Syneron Candela, a trusted name in aesthetic medical devices. Read our coverage in the Amerejuve Insider for more details.


Who is an ideal candidate for eMatrix?

eMatrix is safe and effective on any skin type, so any patient with skin texture irregularities (such as wrinkles or light scarring) or superficial discoloration should consider eMatrix.

Unlike other skin resurfacing treatments, eMatrix is safe and effective on any skin tone.

What can I treat with eMatrix?

eMatrix causes the skin to produce new collagen and tissue, which repairs a number of skin irregularities. Our most popular applications for eMatrix are to treat stretch marks, acne scarring, and fine lines or winkles. Texture irregularities and some types of superficial discoloration also see good results following eMatrix treatments. Depending on your goals and the condition of the area to be treated, your consultant will likely recommend 1-3 treatments, spread out 4-6 weeks apart.

At your initial, free consultation and skin analysis, our expert staff will examine your skin, discuss your goals, and determine if eMatrix is the best option to achieve the results you wants.

How does eMatrix work?
eMatrix applies energy in small, specific areas in the dermis (the deep layer of skin) in the shape of a matrix with minimal effect on the epidermis (surface layer of skin). As the surrounding tissue heals, it produces new collagen and new skin cells, creating a smoother, more elastics and more youthful appearance. The treatment takes about 10-20 minutes.


Is there any downtime associated with eMatrix?

Following treatment, you will likely experience redness and the sensation of heat and tenderness on the treated area for a few hours. You will need to avoid using any makeup or products, even cleansers, on the treated area for 12 hours. After 12 hours, you may use gentle cleansers and apply makeup.

You may see visible dots in the treated area. These will be visible for 1-2 weeks, but they are easily covered with makeup. The dots may still be discernible to the touch after they are no longer visible, but this will fade naturally as the skin heals.

How often do I need eMatrix?

The typical treatment plan is three treatments, 4-6 weeks apart. However, depending on your specific skin and goals, you may require fewer or more treatments to achieve the results you want.

eMatrix can also be combined with many of our other services in a treatment plan to address your aesthetic goals and your specific skin type, so we highly recommend visiting us for a free consultation and skin analysis to determine the best options for you.

How long do eMatrix results last?

eMatrix creates permanent improvements in the skin. However, it’s important to note that skin will still naturally age and change over time and eMatrix will not prevent this process, only repair changes and irregularities that have already occurred.

How is eMatrix different from other skin resurfacing treatments?

Skin resurfacing works by putting energy into the skin, creating controlled damage. This controlled damage activates the skin’s natural healing process. As the skin heals, it produces new collagen and tissue, creating smoother, firmer, and more youthful-looking skin.

eMatrix uses heat energy for this process, largely bypassing the top layer of skin (epidermis) and instead targeting a deeper layer of skin (dermis). Other technologies use light energy to perform a similar process. However, many light or laser-based treatments are limited to only specific skin tones. eMatrix is able to treat any skin tone for effective resurfacing.

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are light lines or scars that occur on skin that has been rapidly stretched. Stretch marks are often caused by rapid growth or weight gain, such as during puberty or pregnancy. They can occur on any area of skin, but are usually found on the stomach, breasts, shoulders, or buttocks. The stretch mark occurs when the skin is stretched too quickly, causing disruption to the production of collagen. Because eMatrix encourages collagen growth, it can help fade the appearance of stretch marks.

Stretch marks usually start off as dark red or purple marks which fade over time. eMatrix helps them fade even further, or even disappear.

What causes acne scarring?

The inflammation from an acne breakout or pimple on the skin damages the collagen in the area, creating an indentation or other unevenness to the skin. Picking or “popping” the blemish can drive bacteria deeper into the skin, creating more inflammation and further damaging the surrounding collagen and creating a scar. The scar is also likely to be pigmented, causing a dark spot on dark skin tones and a red spot on lighter skin tones.

Over-the-counter products can help address the discoloration, and Amerejuve offers a number of products that can help. For deeper or more stubborn scarring, however, skin resurfacing is a good option to help the scarring become smoother and less noticeable.

Stretch marks usually start off as dark red or purple marks which fade over time. eMatrix helps them fade even further, or even disappear.

Why should I choose Amerejuve?

Amerejuve has 6 locations in the greater Houston area, providing flexibility in where you want to be treated. Our highly trained, experienced staff will assess your skin and make the best recommendations for you. We also offer competitive pricing for the area as well as an array of MedSpa services to ensure you can achieve your aesthetic goals.

Do you have financing available?

Yes, we do. Please visit our Pricing and Financing page for more information.

Can I make a same-day appointment for either a consultation and/or treatment?

We have free consultation appointments available Monday through Saturday at all of our locations! We recommend you have a consultation so we can assess your skin and make sure this is the best treatment option for achieving your specific goals. Please call us at (713) 960-6262 or request an appointment below to schedule your free consultation.

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