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GUYS DO YOU LOOK LIKE THIS?? Or know someone that does??

Back hair can be unsightly, hot, irritating and quite frankly a blow to your self esteem! Having a loved one ‘trim it’ is quite the chore and it’s never ending. Shaving or Waxing?? Painful, costly, time consuming, ingrown hairs, razor burn and back acne…..

Which leaves only one option left…..LASER!!


Laser hair removal is an investment worth the cost. Generally, people require six treatments spaced six weeks apart. It’s important to keep up with the appointments because we want the laser to destroy the hair follicle during the correct growth phase. Men generally will need a few

Will it hurt??

Laser hair removal is best described as a warm tiny rubber band pop but our lasers have a cooling spray that makes the treatments much more tolerable. 

We do sell zcaine numbing cream if needed that can be applied before treatment.

Will I need more than 6 treatments? 

Depends…every person is different and some people will require extra treatments. If so, we offer a great maintenance plan with lifetime discounted pricing.

Get started now and be ready for the pool by summer time. Hair free is care free!

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