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Yes…. Special snails are now becoming the new trend in the beauty industry. These little guys are being placed on your skin to slither their way around for about 30 minutes on your face. Although the results may vary, this treatment can gradually make the skin softer.

As these cute guys become accustomed to their surface, they roam around leaving a trial of mucus or helix asdpera muller glycoconjugates. This mucus has beneficial many properties such as healing agents, antioxidants’ and nutrients.

Ladies… we obviously don’t want you rummaging through your garden for snails. These snails are actually “special snails” that are kept in an organic farm with the clinic and fed only the finest chemical free fruit and vegetables.

Currently this treatment is not available in the United States. Alternatives treatments that may be used are microdermabrasion, chemical peels or platelet rich plasma therapy. It is said to been used in ancient Greece times to cure skin infections. The French have also used helix asdpera muller glycoconjugates (or mucus) in many creams and lotions from these slimy friends in order to achieve a brighter glow

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