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Laser Hair Removal for Men

Men are becoming more and more interested in laser hair removal. Popular areas are the face and/or neck, chest, back, and the lower manscaping area.

Lasering helps reduce the need for shaving. When lasering men we are able to achieve 60-80% hair reduction after 6 sessions. The reduction may be more or less. Hair growth is a hormonal process and since men have more hair growth hormones they may need more treatments or not see as much of a reduction as women. It will still benefit you greatly by dramatically thinning out the growth, in texture and in quantity.

Muscular athlete man with smooth clear skin. Epilation and depilation of hair in beauty salon. Male laser hair removal concept. Beautician using modern apparatus for procedures.

By reducing the hair growth and need to shave you will also see an improvement in your skin, especially on the face. Laser helps to calm if not eradicate pseudofolliculitis. That is when you have inflammation of the skin and trapped hairs in the follicle. This results in itchiness, possible hyperpigmentation, scarring, bumps, and just a general annoyance. Sometimes it can get worse and become infected resulting in pus-filled blisters and painful, tender skin. The laser will target the hairs attached to the root, travel down the hair shaft and destroy the active follicle. After a couple weeks all hairs that were treated during that session will shed and you will experience 2-4 weeks of smooth, hair free skin.

Once the hair growth begins again it’s time for your next session. We like to see you 4-6 weeks apart for 6 treatments to get optimal results. By the end of your 6 sessions you may still have growth but it will be minimal. We will recommend further treatments if you need it with our Lifetime Maintenance Guarantee. This allows you to pay as you go, as you need more laser hair removal touch ups. Sometimes you just need a few spots and couple times, sometimes you will need the entire area again a few more times. Again, it is all dependant on your body. Everyone has different hormones, follicles and growth cycles.

Whatever area, or areas, you decide on you will be very happy with your results. No more worrying about shaving, asking your wife to reach your back, or seeing the barber every 2 weeks. Men are very satisfied with their treatments and wish they knew about it sooner and started earlier. Don’t be shy or embarrassed about your hair growth. Call us today to book a consultation and we will help you with your hair removal needs!

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