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Anti-Aging Methods, does it really work?

What does Anti-Aging mean? Anti-Aging is the term used for preventing and slowing the aging process. As we age we naturally deplete the collagen and elastin in our skin and our cell turnover rate slows so our skin does not shed dead skin and produces new skin as quickly. We also lose our collagen, elasticity and glow due to environmental stressors and free radicals. So how do you slow the aging process and what is best for preventative anti-aging? There are tons of products and treatments out there that can help with this, so let’s talk about a few treatments and products/ key ingredients you need.

For starters BOTOX is going to be your best friend for Anti-aging, BOTOX is going to freeze the muscles that cause the movements when you make expressions with your forehead and eyes. When you freeze the muscles from making those constant expressions it is helping your wrinkles and lines from not getting any deeper. The more you keep up with BOTOX the less fine lines and wrinkles you will see while also keeping existing lines and wrinkles from getting any deeper.

SkinPen Microneedling is an amazing treatment for Anti-Aging, what microneedling does is cause micro injuries to the skin and targets the Fibroblast to send signals for your collagen and elastin to start to rebuild and send signals to your epidermis defense system to start healing which in turn speeds up your cell turnover rate.

Chemical peels are great for Anti-aging because the chemical solution helps shed old damaged skin so new skin can emerge which in turn helps the cell turnover which is needed to keep skin healthy and slow the aging process. Chemical peels also help with age spots and sun damage which is important because getting rid of sun damage will lessen your chances of that spot becoming skin cancer.

Key ingredients that are a must have for Anti-Aging are Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Human Growth Factor, Glycolic, Peptides, Antioxidants, Vitamin C and WATER!

Retinol increases the productions of Collagen which will plump skin and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol also stimulates the blood vessels in the skin to improve the color of the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid is naturally found in the skin, this acid is able to retain large amounts of water in the skin, our skin needs to stay moisturized and not dehydrated in prevention of wrinkles and fine lines. This acid keeps skin plump and moisturized!

Human growth Factor stimulates the production of collagen and stimulates the production of skin cells. Human Growth factors are messengers that are received by specific receptors on the surface of the skin which stimulates cell division and multiplication. This is important because it will help maintain, rebuild and repair healthy tissue.

Glycolic Acid is important because it breaks the bond between outer layer skin cells including dead skin cells and the next skin cell layer. This is important to remove dead skin cell build up and make skin appear smoother.

Peptides and Antioxidants are a must, Peptides keep our skin intact to keep the skin firm, lessen the appearance of wrinkles and to prevent a change in texture and less bounce to the skin. Antioxidants are going to protect our skin cells from free radical damage along with environmental stressors which break down healthy skin cells leading to sagging and wrinkles.

Vitamin C is also a daily must because it protects the skin from free radicals that are caused by UV exposure. Vitamin C also helps with brown spots, hyperpigmentation by inhibiting melanin production while enhancing the radiance of the skin.

Lastly ALWAYS WEAR A PHYSICAL SUNSCREEN and drink tons of water!!

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