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What are Gummy Bear Implants?

Gummy Bear implants are more cohesive than other types of breast implants.“Gummy bear” is a common term for breast implants made from a highly cohesive type of silicone gel as opposed to the primarily liquid saline implants.

“The advantage of the gummy bear implant is that it tends to hold its shape better than saline implants,” said Dr. Richard Vanik, Amerejuve’s Director of Cosmetic Surgery and a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Vanik said women who have lost fullness in the upper part of the breast, such as after pregnancy, can benefit from the FDA-approved models.

“The gummy bear resists gravity better than the other implants,” he said.

Experts also say the implants’ ability to retain shape means it’s easier to control and predict the finished look of the breast augmentation.

Vanik said one drawback is that the highly cohesive gummy bear implants are the most expensive of the three types available. Saline implants, which are silicone shells filled with salt water, are the least expensive, followed by less cohesive types of silicone gel implants.

Vanik said few Houston surgeons are trained to use highly cohesive implants. For a free cosmetic surgery consultation to discuss any of our procedures, call Amerejuve at (713) 960-6262. Read more in The Amerejuve Insider, Vol. 1 No. 2.

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