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Best of Both Worlds with Houston Fat Transfer

Houston Fat Transfer allows fat to be surgically removed from a donor site and moved to another area of the body.Fat Transfer is a cosmetic surgery procedure that does exactly what its name says – transfers fat from undesired areas to desired areas.

Surgeons have a wide range of options in choosing where to take fat from and where to transfer it afterward based on the goals of the patient. “Donor” sites for fat may include the thighs, flanks, stomach, back, and arms. Once it’s removed, the fat is cleaned to separate any non-fat tissue that came with it, then injected into a new area.

Popular areas to add fat include the breasts, buttocks (also commonly known as a “Brazilian Butt Lift”) and even small amounts in the face to fill out sagging tissue.

It takes time for the body to build the new blood supplies. In larger fat transfers, it’s more difficult for the fat to get adequate blood supply in time. Fat cells that ultimately do not survive in the new area will be safely flushed by the body, but it will mean the patient won’t necessarily get their desired results.

One benefit of fat transfer is that it uses the patient’s own tissue. Breast and buttock implants do carry some risk of scar tissue formation because the body sees the implant as a foreign object. With fat transfer, this immune response is not a concern.

As with any cosmetic surgery procedure, a surgeon can go over your goals, medical records, and options to determine if this is the right procedure for you.

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