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Skinmedica TNS Advanced Serum

TNS Advanced & Essential Serum – Discover the power of Rejuvenation

Tackling aging skin should involve a combination of repairing damage, promoting better skin cell function and protecting the skin. The SkinMedica TNS line is a collection of high quality, clinically tested products that rely on growth factor technology to fight the visible signs of aging. This new tech- nology allows the skin to repair and rejuvenate itself in order to improve cell function. SkinMedica TNS com- bines growth factor with other anti- aging ingredients for amazing results. The ingredients complement one an- other to maximize your benefits. With regular use, you can expect to see a significant improvement in the ap- pearance of fine lines as well as more advanced deeper crease lines. All-in- one skin rejuvenating treatment im- proves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone, texture and suit- able for all skin tones.

What is TNS?

Tissue Nutrient Solu- tion (TNS) is a combination of growth factors and other naturally occurring
elements that help rejuvenate skin.

What is the importance of growth factors?

Growth factors are “proteins” that are present in skin in a physiologically balanced combination to maintain a healthy skin structure. Through nor- mal aging, the production and level of growth factors decreases.

Skinmedica TNS Advanced Serum

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