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Laser Hair Removal


When it comes down to laser hair removal there are always numerous issues to consider. Let us break down the process for you. Each treatment needs to take place between four to six weeks apart, and six to eight sessions are typically required to rid approximately 80% or more of the unwanted hair. The results are contingent upon a variety of factors/variables: age, skin color, hair color and even genetics. While some may be hair-free forever following eight laser treatments, others may need to visit the salon every few years for touch-ups to ensure that the unwanted hair is permanently removed.
1. Stay out of the sun prior to your appointment.
2. The area being lasered must first be completely shaved prior to treatment.
3. Do not utilize tanning beds, spray tans, or tanning lotions prior to treatments.
4. Your technician will provide a test patch on your skin on the first appointment.
5. Keep in mind that laser hair removal doesn’t automatically and permanently remove the hair after your initial treatment. It’s a process.
6. Your appointment can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. It depends on the individual.
7. It’s critical that you are consistent with your treatment process to attain the results you are seeking.
8. Tangible results normally occur after a period of three months.
9. Since hair and skin types vary among individuals, some be slightly more difficult to treat than others, but you will eventually notice the results.
10. For post-treatment protocol, ensure that you apply plenty of sunscreen at all times!
11. Even though you may be inclined to do so, it is imperative that

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