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Why I love Coolsculpting ?

Coolsculpting just so happens to be my favorite cosmetic non invasive body treatment we do here at Amerejuve.  It’s worth every penny and giving proven results that can last a lifetime. I also love performing the treatments as well as I feel we are both working towards a goal, and seeing results is quite rewarding.

Even as a thin person you will find you still have some stubborn fat in areas you wish were never there. That’s where coolsculpting  comes in and will basically get rid of it for good. Just keep in mind cool sculpting is body sculpting so it’s meant to target areas of concern, and sometimes you will need more than one treatment to treat that area. Every person who comes in has different needs of areas of concern so we give a complete assessment of areas of concern.

So, you’re probably wondering when you will see results.  You start seeing results 45 days after treatment and can take 90 days to see the full results.

Keep in mind you’ll lose inches with coolsculpting.  So don’t rely on the scale. Remember, diet and exercise go hand in hand.

I believe Coolsculpting  is a great beauty investment and when fat cells die they are gone forever!

CoolSculpting before & after

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