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Protecting the Skin on our Hands

The flu. Colds. And now the new Coronavirus has everyone using hand sanitizer and washing with soap and warm water more than what most people usually do. The overuse of alcohol-based hand sanitizers can dry out our skin. Washing with warm water more often than what we normally do can strip oils from our hands. While these are necessary steps in protecting our health, it can wreak havoc on the delicate skin on our hands.

Hand sanitizers tend to have a lot of alcohol in them so they dry out skin quickly. You can apply a lotion or hand cream after you’ve sanitized and allowed the product to dry.

Washing our hands is absolutely important but if you’re using soap that is too harsh it can be drying. We want clean hands, not dry, cracked skin. One thing you can do to avoid stripping too much oil from your skin is to use a creamy, gentle hand soap. Wash for the appropriate amount of time, completely rinse off the soapy suds then dry thoroughly. After drying your hands, apply a hand lotion or hand cream. Hand creams tend to be thicker and have more oils in the ingredients while lotions have more water. If you have very dry, possibly cracked hands, a cream is your best option.

A great product is Lumiquin from Revision. Not only does it provide excellent moisture to the skin, it helps protect the skin’s natural barrier, which can become compromised due to excessive hand washing. You’ll also benefit by seeing an improvement in the tone and texture of your skin. As a reminder, if you’re going to be in the sun, do not forget your sunblock! Even your hands on the steering wheel while driving can cause sun damage. We don’t want to cause more harm while our skin health is  already diminished by the constant drying out.

An added benefit to keeping your hands moisturized is to protect from cracking. Any wounds or lesions, no matter how small, can be a perfect way for viruses, bacteria and funguses to enter our body and cause infection. With so many illnesses going around right now its imperative we protect our most vital organ so it can continue to function properly and stay healthy!

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