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Benefits of High Frequency facial

High frequency (also known as the Tesla high frequency current) was first developed in the late 1800’s by the notable scientist Nikola Tesla. Due to its antimicrobial effects, it was largely used for medical purposes such as treating infections before modern antibiotics were invented. Today however, it is widely used in spas throughout the world as an important component of many skin care treatment regimens.

High frequency works by using a glass high frequency electrode, which comes in different sizes and shapes in order to treat various contours of the face. A mild electrical current is passed through the glass electrode when applied to the surface of the skin, causing it to emit a soft glow and buzzing sound that is sometimes described as a therapeutic zapping sensation. This healing electrical light energy and oxygen converts into purifying ozone.

These high frequency currents painlessly treat the skin by causing a circulation rush while also subtly warming the tissues, resulting in firm, toned skin.

What are the benefits of a High Frequency facial?

* Improves and clears up acne

* Softens lines and wrinkles and improves sagging skin

* Reduces pores and blackheads

* Reduces eye puffiness and dark circles around the eyes

* Increases production levels of collagen and elastin

* Increases blood circulation and cell renewal

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