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Get Summer Time Ready with Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction is the PERFECT summertime accessory! No need to worry about those last minute plans to the beach or the pool and having to shave and prepare every time! Feel care-free with your body and enjoy your summer!

Laser Hair Reduction can be done on every part of the body! From your upper lip and chin to your bikini and legs, we’ve got you covered! A minimum of 6 treatments is necessary to get results, and maintenance over time is recommended to keep those results and body feeling hair free! Treatments on any part of the face (forehead, lip, chin, cheeks and neck) can be done every 4-6 weeks, and the rest of the body can be done every 6-8 weeks! You can easily get your Laser Hair Reduction done in-between all your fun summertime plans, as long as there is no sun exposure 14 days prior to treatment and 14 days after treatment – to avoid burns, blisters and pigmentation issues. If you do happen to get tan from being outside, treatments must be paused until at least 21 days or until tan lines are completely diminished. Spray tans, tanning creams or any skin altering treatments must be gone 21 days before treatments as well, and you must exfoliate the skin as much as you can before treatment day, to avoid any burns, blisters and pigmentation issues as well.

Laser Hair Reduction works by targeting the melanin in the hair follicle and slowly damaging it over the series of treatments (which is why you cannot be tanned during treatments, tan lines means there’s more melanin than normal in the skin and the laser can pick up on those areas and not only just the hair follicle). Treatment times can last anywhere from 30minutes-1hour depending on the amount of areas you are wanting to get treated. Shaving must be done a day or two prior to treatment days, the hair cannot be any longer than a grain of rice or the treatment will be ineffective. You can shave as much as needed in-between treatments, but it is recommended not to wax, thread or pluck any areas that are going to be treated – this can restart the growing cycles of the hair follicles and cause treatments to be ineffective.

Laser Hair Reduction is easy and has minimal pain in specific areas that it makes it the perfect treatment for you and your hair-free needs!
Contact your nearest Amerejuve Clinic and get your FREE consultation today, and get those treatments started!!

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