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Is Medical-Grade Skincare worth it?

Medical-Grade Skincare

Many people question if Medical-grade skincare is better than drug store or beauty store brands, I wouldn’t say any brand is “better” than other brands but with that being said, with Medical- grade skincare the ingredients they use under-go clinical research that can guarantee that the products work. Medical-grade companies are able to use more regulated and highly stabilized ingredients that can last longer and take longer to degrade while also being able to use more involved mechanisms for their ingredients to help achieve a better absorption to enhance the delivery of the product to deeper depths of the skin whereas these non medical grade brands cannot regulate those types of ingredients due to not being a medical company. For Example, take a non medical-grade skincare line, their Retinol or Vitamin C cream may be raved about by the brand that it is life changing for your skin but if you look deeper into the actual ingredients you can find small amounts of actives along with synthetic additives, where as a medical-grade line will not have synthetic additives and you are able to get more potent products that are clinically proved to work and give results. With Medical-grade products you actually get what you pay for, some think these brands are much more expensive which can be the case sometimes but not always, but also with these brands you can take confidence in your product knowing you are getting exactly what it states with no hidden synthetic additives and that you have clinical research behind your product that you will achieve results!

Time to start achieving true results!

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