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Celebrate Fall with the October Amerejuve Insider

The October Amerejuve Insider is full of healthy and beauty tips perfect for fall, including nutrition that beautifies, CoolSculpting’s new applicator to target stubborn, non-pinchable fat, and the new date for the PCOS Awareness 5k. You’ll also be impressed by all the ways pumpkin is great for your skin and body.

We’ve also got a closer look at fat transfer, a cosmetic surgery that really does offer the best of both worlds. Like it sounds, fat transfer involves moving fat from unwanted areas to those places where you want a little more curve and volume. See the full details inside this month’s Amerejuve Insider.

Plus, we’ve got our regular features, including a product spotlight (pumpkin scrub!), Ask Roxy (Why do I need a consultation, anyway?), and an interview with an Amerefit nutritionist.

Read The Amerejuve Insider online or pick it up at an Amerejuve clinic near you. Thanks for reading!

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