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Guide to Bra Shopping after Breast Augmentation

Guide to Bra Shopping after Breast Augmentation.One of the most fun aspects of the breast augmentation journey is bra shopping for your new look. With a few simple guidelines, this experience will be a wonderful confidence boost and a way to enjoy the benefits of the procedure.

Talk to Your Surgeon
You will likely need to wear a surgical or compression bra following your surgery. Be sure to wait until your surgeon says you’re ready to transition to regular bras. You’ll also want to wait on new bra purchases until the swelling from the procedure has completely gone down.

Take New Measurements
While you discussed an ideal size with your surgeon, remember that implants are not measured in cup size. You’ll want to take new measurements of your bust to determine the best fit for you. You may find that you need a larger cup size than you think to accommodate the new volume and shape of the implants.

Experiment with Styles
Your bust will be larger following augmentation, but it will also have a slightly different contour depending on your original breast tissue and the type of implant you and your surgeon chose. For example, with round implants, you may find bra styles that are high on the sides may not be as flattering as other options.

Think Variety
Remember to shop for bras for all sorts of situations, including under various types and colors of clothing.

Have fun!
This is an opportunity to get to know and love the new you – enjoy your bra shopping experience to the fullest! With these tips, bra shopping after breast augmentation will bring your journey full circle. Read more about breast augmentation in The Amerejuve Insider, Vol. 2 No. 2. To talk about breast augmentation with Amerejuve’s board-certified plastic surgeons, call (713) 960-6262.
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