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Why Should I Get Botox? Botox Valentine’s Day Special

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Botox is a preventative for lines and wrinkles! A common thinking is that Botox is supposed to be done after fine lines and wrinkles already form, which isn’t wrong! But it’s best to get the Botox when those lines and wrinkles first start forming, so the Botox can do its job at diminishing it before they form deeper!

Botox comes from a neurotoxin produced by Clostridium Botulinum, which is a natural forming bacterium. Botox helps prevent you from having full control over your facial expressions, which can help eliminate the wrinkles and lines that come from it. Botox can either restrain all or some movement in the face, depending on the clients wants and needs from the treatment! Having no movement is often called being “Frozen”, and isn’t as scary as it sounds. You’re still able to make facial expressions once the Botox calms down, which can take up to 2 weeks. Starting Botox when you’re young is the absolute key to having the most minimal lines and wrinkles when you’re older. Once you see those lines start to form your muscle is sending signals called “Neurotransmitter” to move. Botox interferes with that signal and stops the muscle from moving! So no more lines and wrinkles! Botox is a major key to the anti-aging process and staying young forever!

Places you can get Botox vary from person to person. The most common is going to be in the face; around the forehead, the 11’s (in between the eyebrows), crows feet, and even above the lip (called Lip Flip). Other places can be in the head for migraines, in the underarms to decrease sweat, in the neck and chin. The multi-use of Botox is never ending!

After 3-4 months, Botox will start to wear off as it is naturally dissolved by the body, and touch-ups around the 3-4 month mark are recommended to ensure the best results. Botox sometimes can last longer or shorter than the recommended touch-up length. It all depends on the person and their body!

As Botox units vary from person to person, there is an average amount needed if you’re looking for specifics! Typically:
– Forehead Lines anywhere from 10-30 units
– Crows Feet anywhere from 5-15 units
– Eyebrow Lift anywhere from 2-5 units
– Frown Lines (Glabellar Lines or 11’s) anywhere from 10-25 units
– Bunny Lines (Nasalis Lines) anywhere from 5-10 units
– Lip Flip anywhere from 2-5 unitsBotox is quick and close to painless! It basically feels like a small pinch, and the pain is over within seconds. Having an injector that makes you feel comfortable and listens to your concerns will also make the treatment go as smoothly as possible. Minor side effects can occur like bruising, redness and minor inflammation, but it shouldn’t last too long! It is recommended to have a 2 week follow-up, just to make sure everything is settling correctly, and to see if you need a few more units in the area.

botox valentine's day special
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