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Velashape for Thighs, VelaShape III is for cellulite!, Results and FAQs

Ready to say goodbye to that unwanted cellulite, shrink the circumference of your thighs and hello to that little dress in your closet?

VelaShape III is just the answer to your prayers! Just like getting a hot stone massage, the VelaShape III uses power and speed to massage deep into the fat, collagen, and connective tissue below the skin of the thighs using up to 150 watts of radiofrequency power! AND with absolutely no downtime!

velashape 3 price

Sessions can take from 30-45 minutes to treat properly, depending on the size of the area (Typically 10/15 minutes per part of thigh). Front of the thigh, inner, outer and back can all be done using the VelaShape III.

The goal is to get the area to the intended heat for optimal results. Building up heat within the same area over time to get the fat, collagen, and tissue. The higher the heat, the better the outcome! So try and relax and enjoy the “hot stone massage” we call VelaShape III !


I bet you’re probably wondering about any side effects of this amazing machine well – possible bruising and with any device that utilizes heat, there’s a chance of possible burn, but as long as you go to a professionally trained provider you should be in great hands. VelaShape III does require a bit of maintenance though! For those who are naturally fit, they will find it a bit easier to maintain results, while others might have to watch their diet and exercise to maintain theirs. As with any body contouring procedure, it is best to watch your diet and exercise always for the best outcomes with results.

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