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Ultherapy – Skin Tightening

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a non-invasive solution for tightening the skin.

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How does Ultherapy work?

Ultherapy uses micro-focused ultrasound technology to heat the tissue at certain depths to 60-70 degree C, which is the precise temperature to stimulate collagen. During your procedure Ultherapy bi-passes the outer layer of skin and the deeper tissue is heated with ultrasound energy. Ultherapy causes a natural response in your body which stimulates the growth of collagen which lifts and tightens the skin.  Your Ultherapy results will continue to show gradually within 2 to 3 months after treatment as your body builds its own collagen after the procedure

What areas Ultherapy can I treat?

  • The brows
  • The chin
  • The full face
  • The upper face
  • The lower face
  • The Neck
  • The Décolleté

Is there downtime?

Ultherapy treats below the surface of your skin without surgery or downtime. Ultherapy is the non-invasive solution to surgery. You may experience redness or mild swelling after the procedure but you may return to regular activities within 24 hours. . Ultrasound is the only energy source that can be micro-focused beneath the skins surface at any depth without effecting intervening tissue.

What are the contradictions?

  • Open wounds or skin lesions
  • sever cystic acne
  • Implants such as pacemakers or defibrillators
  • Pregnancy
  • Bells Palsy
  • Epilepsy

Where can I get treated?

You can receive an Ultherapy consultation or procedure at any Amerejuve Medspa location by our very own trained staff.


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