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Blackhead Removal & Extraction Facial

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “How do I get rid of blackheads?” You can do your best to prevent them, but chances are they will sneak their way back on your skin. Even as an esthetician, blackheads will somehow resurrect from the dead and make a grand public appearance. It’s usually on my nose, sometimes the cheeks, and maybe the chin area. Not to worry though, let’s not complicate things. The main ingredient in blackheads is keratin which turns black because the pore is open and causes the dead skin cells and oil to oxidize. It’s best to find a skincare product that contain ingredients to break down the keratin inside the blackhead, retinol is my top pick to break down the core of the blackhead effectively. Other ingredients like salicylic acid and glycolic acid can also dissolve blackheads and improve acne with continued use. So the bad news is, the pores eventually fill back up. But the good news is, the right products can help slow down that process so that your pores stay cleaner, longer. One of my favorite products is Revision Skincare’s Retinol Complete 1.0. It’s in its own league of Retinol because it contains 5 antioxidants and a proprietary blend of botanical extracts that boosts the effectiveness of Retinol while providing long-term hydration. My go-to glycolic acid product is Skin Medica’s GlyPro antioxidant serum, it’s the best choice because it also contains ingredients that are conditioning, moisturizing and soothing. Amerejuve Med Spa is proud to offer these medical grade skincare lines! Stop by the nearest location to you or call ahead of time to see if the products are in stock!

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