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How Many Treatments of Coolsculpting Do I Need?

Summer is right around the corner and CoolSculpting is everyones new bestfriend! CoolSculpting is the new way to reduce fat in unwanted areas - stomach, arms, thighs,
lovehandles, bra fat and chin!

With CoolSculpting, typically 2 treatments are necessary as a minimum for best results for each area. CoolSculpting has a few different sizes ranging from mini, small and large. A consultation is necessary to determine accurate sizing and measurements for what applicator size you would need to treat the area.
But commonly: Mini Applicators are used for the chin and knees. Small Applicators are used for abdomen, arms, thighs, bra fat and lovehandles.

Large Applicators are used for the abdomen and lovehandles. CoolSculpting does take between 3-6 months for results to completely show through, and it is necessary to live a healthy lifestyle balance from drinking water, eating healthy and exercising to see the BEST results. Up to 25% of fat cells in the desired area are killed off and will never be replaced, since CoolSculpting is a permanent procedure!

To get an accurate sizing and pricing for your treatments call 713-RU-HAIRY and scheduled a FREE consultation with your nearest Amerejuve Clinic!
Get summer ready with your new bestie, CoolSculpting!

How many treatments of coolsculpting do i need

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