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Folliculitis and Laser Hair Reduction

Folliculitis also known as Barbers Itch, shaving rash, razor bumps; is a very common skin condition where the hair follicles have become inflamed which is usually caused by a fungal or bacterial infection, leaving the skin with redness, tenderness, and pus filled sores. There are many factors that can cause Folliculitis; Shaving, damaged hair follicles from friction of too tight of clothing, fungus and bacteria.

Folliculitis and Laser Hair ReductionSo how do you manage and help reduce Folliculitis? That’s where Laser Hair Reduction comes in. The Laser can help control and clear this condition by the heat of the laser as it makes its way down into the follicles of the hair and if the follicles are infected the Laser can destroy the bacteria. Also reducing the growth of the hair, it will manage the condition since the follicles are getting reduced then there is no follicle to get infected therefore keeping control over the Folliculitis. Our Lasers are fit for all skin types so if you feel like you have this common condition I highly recommend looking into getting in for Laser Hair Reduction to help keep this pesky annoyance away!

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