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Brilliant Distinctions Program at Houston, Atlanta & Marietta Locations | Rewards Programs Houston

Be Brilliant

join brilliant distinctions

Earn rewards and savings for your future appointments!
Every time you go in for your botox, juvederm, or any other injection you earn points which can save you quite a bit of money for your future appointments!

Once a certain amount of points are gathered, you can redeem them for free services, money off, and other great rewards!

It’s free to sign up, just give your email or phone number associated with the account when you are checking out of your appointment and get your points instantly!

If that isn’t enough to get you to sign up get this!

Brilliant Distinctions also does discounts and rewards for their members occasionally that can be redeemed at your appointment as well! No certain amount of points needed!
Botox discounts, filler discounts, reward expiration dates extended and MORE!

There’s really no reason to not sign up!

join brilliant distinctions program


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