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Which One is for You: Microdermabrasion Vs. Microneedling

Ever wonder what’s is the best skin procedure to do for your skin? You hear of different procedures, but don’t know what would be good for your skin or if you can combine any treatments together. Here at Amerejuve we love to get to know our client skin and see what best suits them. One of our best combination facials we have to offer is our skinpens and microdermabrasion’s facials. The two combined together gives the skin the perfect boost to getting rid of fine lines/wrinkles, discoloration, acne scars and gives an overall youthful complexion and here is how.

SkinPen is a microneedling device that stimulates collagen production in a more effective way than microdems alone. Though microderms are amazing when doing it by its self, it’s more of a superficial treatment that the client would need more sessions to see a result unlike skinpens where the client would see a instant result with just one session. Micros help exfoliate the skin and slough away dead skin and help with enlarge pores and blackheads. When combining the two, SkinPens will hit the dermis and boost the collagen into the skin to help with that instant youthful radiating glow, and micros will help exfoliate and slough the dead skin off that would be made from the SkinPens. When doing both of the treatments the client wouldn’t do them in the same day, we recommend them being done two weeks apart from each other. When doing the SkinPen the skin has to be treated like new born skin and it takes about two weeks for it to heal up, when the time comes to do the micro the skin might have a little peeling (not always in some clients) that will need to be exfoliated off. During the micro session we will be able to steam and extract unwanted blackheads from pores (if the client has any) and apply a special mask at the end of the session that goes well with the clients skin needs. Although definite improvement will be seen, it may be subtle and slow. The more sessions the client does of each procedure the better results the client will get in the long run.

Many of the elements we encounter throughout our day-to-day lives have the ability to hamper our skins vibrancy and health, such as environmental pollutants, sun exposure, stress and lifestyle. With our combination of SkinPens and Microdermabrasions procedures, we are able to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin, giving it a fresh feel and over all fresh start to getting the skin you enjoy to be in.

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