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Velashape for the Abdomen

Velashape is awesome for those pesky areas of cellulite but did you know that Velashape is also awesome for the Abdomen area that has loose skin and uneven texture? Velashape is an FDA-approved device that can temporarily but   effectively and safely slim, shape and contour any area the body by reducing cellulite and firming up the skin. The awesome thing about this particular treatment is that there is no downtime and is a perfect non-invasive lunch time treatment!

Velashape katy tx

How does Velashape work?

The Velashape devices for the abdomen and skin tightening, work by using a network of bipolar radio frequency energy and mechanical suctioning for tissue manipulation. With bipolar radio frequency the device will apply deep heat to fat cells and the connective tissues in the area along with the dermal collagen fibers resulting to stimulate collagen and elastin growth, tightened skin, increased volume to skin along with better texture and structure of the skin. Reshaped, restructured and reduction of size in area. This treatment is so awesome that it is almost like getting a warm deep tissue massage!

With these treatments we do suggest a minimum of 3 treatments per area for optimum results and the longevity of the results depend on you! A healthy and active lifestyle will help maintain these results.

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