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Tanning Beds VS Laser Hair Removal

Everyone loves a good tan, but you know what you would love more? Being hair free while being tan! Only problem… you absolutely cannot do both at the same time, and the reason is without a doubt need to know!

Using a tanning bed while doing Laser Hair Removal can result in: burns, blisters, pigmentation damage and more! Something that you definitely don’t want to happen during your treatments!

Why does that happen?

When you tan the melanin in the skin gets “excited”, causing the pigmentation in the skin to darken. Melanin is what the laser looks for during the Laser Hair Removal treatment in the hair follicle, so when the melanin is excited and produces more in the skin, the laser targets the hair follicle differently and picks up on the skin melanin as well. Having this happens means the intensity of the laser might burn the skin or leave pigmentation damage (hyper or hypo-pigmentation).
Examples of burns and pigmentation damage:

burns and pigmentation damage

To ensure that this does not happen and you have a safe and effective treatment, we recommend avoiding tanning of any kind, tanning beds, creams, sprays, outside in the sun tanning or any other pigment changing treatments during your laser treatments!

Once you have completed your laser treatments, you may resume any kind of tanning that you like 2 weeks after your last treatment. Then, you can be tan AND hair free, and that sounds like a great opportunity!


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