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Stop Waiting & Stop Shaving! Get Laser Hair Removal!

Laser Hair Removal is a quick and easy way to get rid of those unwanted hairs! As long as your hair is thick and dark (black or brown) you can get treated!
If your hair is blonde, white, red or grey the laser won’t be able to pick up pigment from the hair follicle and it won’t be able to decrease the thickness nor get rid of the hair itself. Always have a consultation to ensure you are a good candidate for Laser Hair Removal – CONSULTATIONS ARE FREE!!

get rid of unwanted hairs

With laser you always have to remember:
– Shave before coming in, a day or two beforehand.
– No antibiotics for 2 weeks before treatments
– No sun exposure 2 weeks before or after treatments
– No harsh chemical products on the face (retinol, retin-a etc) a week before treatments
– No tanning beds, creams or sprays 21 days before treatments
– No light sensitive medications 2 weeks before treatments
– Don’t wax, thread, pluck or tweeze for 4 weeks before treatments.

Tanning of any sort and antibiotics/light sensitive medications can cause burns and blisters on the skin as a reaction to the laser.

Treatments are done every 4-6 weeks for the face and every 6-8 weeks for the body, as advised by your technician.

Laser Hair Removal is also an 85% reduction of hair follicles, which means the 15% of hair that does come back will be VERY light, VERY patchy and VERY thin. You will notice the huge difference of not having to shave for months and sometimes YEARS before needing a touch up treatment.

laser hair removal for all skin types
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