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Why you should never skip this important daily skincare step.


Not even once.

With the number of steps in the daily skincare routine climbing higher and higher, it’s no wonder that we tend to forget one here and there. The list is so long, it’s hard for us to remember them all, unless we write them on our mirrors. (but then our mirror selfies wouldn’t be cute, ugh)

But skipping this one step can completely flush all of your hard work down the drain, and lead to several other problems like breakouts and sensitivity.

Wash off your makeup before bed.

Each day, we wake up and put on our faces in order to conquer the world. We drive to work, stop for breakfast and coffee, walk outside for lunch, sit in exhaust-ridden traffic for hours, soak in the sun and who knows what else. ALL of those things contribute their fair share of pollutants.These pollutants gather on your face, and your makeup acts as sticky trap. You finally get home and begin winding down to a nice evening on the couch watching Game of Thrones and scrolling through Facebook to catch up on the latest gossip. You think about how cozy and warm your bed is going to be. You change into your pajamas and turn down your sheets, as if you are about to let your mind go on a vacation. OH WAIT! You forgot to take your makeup off. UGH, You don’t feel like going in the bathroom and drowning your face in water and soap. You think “Just one night won’t hurt, I’ll be fine”, but don’t be fooled. Don’t you remember all of those free-radicals, bacteria and pore-clogging gunk that your skin picked up today? You’re still wearing each and every one of them, and you’re about to keep them on your face for another 8 hours (as if anyone actually gets 8 hours of sleep anymore lol) Fine lines, enlarged pores, blackheads and breakouts are some of the consequences of allowing these particles to remain on your skin throughout the night.

In some serious cases, acneic skin can become infected and those with eczema can experience uncomfortable flare-ups.

Washing your face at night will optimize your beauty and skincare routine, and keep breakouts where they belong. (Hmmm, now that we think about it, where exactly is that?) Not on your face! Amerejuve Medspa offers a range of facial cleansers. You can visit any of our locations, or visit our website to shop and pick the right one for you!

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