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Five must have goals for staying fit

Setting goals now can help make 2019 the best year ever! We’ve got some must-have goals to look good, feel good all year long.

1. Eat Healthier Eating healthier isn’t about sticking to some popular diet, it’s about eating right for your body’s specific nutritional needs and food sensitivities. Amerefit’s food sensitivity testing, metabolism testing, and meal planning will have you on track to eat what your body actually needs, not what a celebrity or late-night infomercial says that it needs.

2. Rev Up My Energy Put down the cup of coffee. When you’re eating better (see Resolution 1!), you’ll feel better and have more energy too. But, for that extra pep, Amerefit has B-12 Injections that give your body the natural nutrients it needs to get through the day, energetically!

3. Manage My Time Take the time, and guesswork, out of hair removal. Amerejuve Advantage offers laser hair removal for one hour a month for a full year, letting you schedule your treatments ahead of time and reduce the time and money you spend shaving and waxing. Over a lifetime, you’ll save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. Stop getting rid of hair that will only grow back, and get rid of hair for good!

4. Lose the Mirror With Amerejuve’s menu of services, you won’t need the mirror — you’ll know you look good, feel good. Whether you’d like to lose those few extra inches, cellulite, stretch marks, acne, sun spots, wrinkles, or other signs of aging, Amerejuve can develop a personalized treatment plan for you.

5. Spend Smarter Amerejuve always offers competitive pricing with exemplary service, but did you know it now has Amerejuve Rewards? Automatically earn points every time you purchase from Amerejuve and redeem them for discounts and free services. Sign up now at

Ready to start your New Year right? Schedule a free consultation at any Amerejuve location to discuss your goals and how Amerejuve can help you achieve them.

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