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Full Body Laser Hair Removal

Full body laser hair removal?? Yes!

Our full body package includes 6 treatments for full body, which is literally full body! Full body package covers head to toe, so yes if you want to reduce the hair on your head or your toes, you can! All the areas that you want treated need to be shaved so that way we can ensure the root of the hair is being targeted for best results. You need to come every 4 weeks for the face area and every 6 weeks for the body neck down to ensure best results! If you do need to reschedule/put on hold due to vacation, medications, pregnancy or tanning just know that can interfere with the results of your treatment.

Remember this is not a permanent treatment, we will always have some hair growth but laser hair removal will reduce that growth so you can stay smoother longer!

Folliculitis and Laser Hair Reduction

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