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The benefit’s of Latisse vs. individual false lashes

Everyone loves long eyelashes…but at what length are we willing to go for them? Latisse is a topical product that you put on the base of your upper lashes every night before going to bed. It works by extending the growth period of your natural lashes. After 10 weeks of use, you will begin to notice, longer, thicker lashes. It’s simply amazing!

Another popular procedure is lash extensions ( which is wonderful )… but there is a lot of maintenance involved. Once you have received your full set of lashes, you have to go back every two weeks for a fill in… which over time becomes costly and can eventually make your natural lashes weaker and have more of a “brittle” texture and appearance.

Two different choices…the same outcome, long lashes!

Melissa Perry

Board Certified Asst. Laser Practitioner/Clinic Manager

Amerejuve Medspa

1720 Powers Ferry Rd.

Suite 100

Marietta, GA 30067


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