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Laser Hair Removal Safety

With a trained, experienced clinician, laser hair removal is very safe. Lasers are calibrated to target just the hair, without harming the surrounding tissue. You may experience mild irritation and swelling at the treated area for a few days. It feels similar to a sunburn and can be treated with topical ointments to reduce discomfort until it fades naturally.

Some people do experience temporary skin pigmentation or scarring. This depends on your skin type – darker skin has a higher chance to scar, making it especially important to have the treatment done by a trained operator working on the proper laser.

Burns are also possible if the treatment is not done properly or with the proper laser – making it extra important that you trust and communicate with your operator.

Texas requires that those performing laser hair removal be individually certified for laser hair removal at one of four levels of certification: Apprentice-in-Training, Technician, Senior Technician, and Laser Hair Removal Professional. Businesses that perform laser hair removal must also only use FDA-cleared devices that have been ordered by a physician.

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