Laser Hair Removal man back

With modern advances in laser technology, any skin type and hair with pigment can have laser hair removal. At a 10-25% hair reduction for each treatment, most people need 4-6 treatments to get complete or significant hair reduction. A few may need touch-up treatments afterward for a few strays that grow in, or if you have a significant hormonal change (such as pregnancy).

While there are other methods out there for hair removal, laser hair removal is the best, and increasingly popular, option.

If you’ve ever waxed or shaved, you know these methods are time-consuming, painful and irritating to the skin, expensive, and wasteful. Laser hair removal is a one-stop shop (well, six stops, if you count all the treatments) for being permanently through with these hair removal methods.

Just to put it in perspective, one study found that a lifetime of shaving costs about $10,207, waxing costs $23,000, and laser hair removal costs and estimated $3,000. What would you spend that extra $7,000, or even $20,000, on if you didn’t have to use it removing hair that you don’t want?

You may also be thinking about trying one of the take-home laser hair removal systems that are available, but take care. Laser hair removal is a safe process, but only when conducted by trained and experienced staff. The wrong type of laser, or the wrong settings, can cause burns or other adverse reactions, so we recommend being treated by a trained clinician.