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MedSpa Treatment Squashes Spider Veins

Spider Vein Removal is available from Amerejuve MedSpa.As men and women age, they may find spider veins creeping into their skin, making them feel self-conscious. However, these spider veins don’t have to be permanent. Houston’s Amerejuve MedSpa offers spider vein removal to help do away with those pesky lines.

Spider Veins are the small, dark veins that appear under the skin. They can be blue, purple, or red, and they often have a jagged shape.

Spider veins are really venules that have become enlarged and visible beneath the skin. Spider veins can occur almost anywhere on the body, but they are particularly common on the legs, ankles, and face.

“Many people don’t realize that they have treatment options to take care of spider veins,” said Graciela Vargas, Manager of Amerejuve’s Galleria location. “Once they aren’t worried about the veins, they begin to feel more confident. That’s always gratifying for us, to see that internal transformation alongside the visible change.”

Amerejuve’s spider vein removal treatment uses an Nd: YAG laser to treat the veins, causing them to fade over the weeks following treatment. One to three treatments may be recommended for desired results, depending on the number and size of the spider veins to be treated.

During treatment, the energy from the laser causes blood in the vein to coagulate. This coagulation seals off the vein so it ceases to function. Once the body recognizes the vein has stopped functioning, it will naturally break up the vein and absorb the cells. As the cells are absorbed, the veins begin to fade.

While spider vein removal treatment reduces or completely removes existing spider veins, it does not prevent new ones from forming. However, any new veins that form can be treated through the same process.

Read more in The Amerejuve Insider Vol. 2 No. 4. Amerejuve MedSpa and Cosmetic Surgery offers spider vein removal among a number of other treatments, including laser hair removal and body contouring. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your treatment options, please call (713) 960-6262.

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