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Amerejuve Makes Birthdays Happier with a Free Facial

Free Facials on your Birthday at AmerejuveTo make birthdays extra special, Amerejuve will give existing clients a free facial during their birthday month. Facials involve cleansing, toning, and massaging the face to leave it clean and refreshed. Amerejuve encourages clients to use the free facial to get ready for a special event or even to recover from busy birthday plans.

Facials are beneficial for almost all skin types, and they provide a great opportunity to relax, refresh, and turn the clock back a birthday or two.

Amerejuve began offering the birthday facials during July 2014 and encourages current clients to call and schedule their birthday facial.

Amerejuve offers a broad menu of both corrective and preventative treatments for the signs of aging. Common goals are to reduce lines and wrinkles on the forehead and corner of the eyes, fill volume loss in the face, reshape the body to more youthful contours, and more. Read more and participate in a special birthday contest in The Amerejuve Insider Vol. 2. No. 1. For a full, free consultation or to schedule a complimentary birthday facial, call (713) 960-6262.

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