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What’s the Best Breast Implant for Me?

How do I choose the right breast implant?When discussing breast augmentation, an experienced plastic surgeon will consider your goals, budget, and lifestyle to recommend the best breast implant option for you. With implants, there are a number of characteristics to choose between.

Breast Implant Size

One of the first questions you’ll likely consider is the size of the implant. Many patients may come in with a bra or cup size in mind, such as C or D. However, implants are not measured in cup sizes, but rather in the amount fluid or gel they contain, measured in cc’s.

Part of the surgeon’s job is examining your current breast tissue and discussing the size implant that will give you the results you want. While your new bust may not exactly match the size you determine, the goal is for you to be happy with the overall appearance, not so much to meet an exact cup size.

It’s important to listen to the surgeon’s recommendations regarding size, as the ideal size for your body may be smaller than the initial number you have in mind. An experienced surgeon with your best interests at heart will determine the best implant size based on your existing breast tissue. An implant that is too wide for your existing breasts will create an odd, unnatural appearance.

Breast Implant Material

U.S. patients now have more options when considering breast implants. For many years saline implants were the only option. These implants are filled with saline, or salt water, and are round. They are the least expensive type of implant and require the smallest incision during surgery.

The second option is silicone implants. These are made with a silicone gel. These tend to be more expensive than saline implants, but feel closer to natural breast tissue. Silicone gel implants require a larger incision to place during surgery.

A variation of the silicone implant is the highly cohesive silicone implant, which has also been called the “gummy bear” implant. This is a denser type of silicone implant that holds its shape.

Breast Implant Shape

Depending on the choice of material, patients may also have a choice in shape between round or tear drop implants.

Round implants make the breast fuller on the top as well as the bottom, creating a rounder appearance. Traditionally implants have been round, so this is the most common type of implant.

Tear drop shaped implants more closely mimic the slope and shape of natural, unaltered breast tissue. With gravity, breasts tend to be fuller and rounder beneath the nipple, so the tear drop implants mimic this effect.

In addition to thinking of the finished look, different shapes also affect the procedure itself. Tear drop implants require greater precision in their placement. Any shifting or rotation of the implant over time will be noticeable. With round implants, rotation will not be visible if it occurs.

Breast Implant Texture

Texture also plays a role in implant choice, and there are two options available: smooth and porous. Smooth implants are more likely to shift over time, but they are also simple and easy to massage into the correct placement. Textured implants allow the body’s natural tissue to adhere to the implant, which makes the implant less likely to shift over time. Note that some implants will only be available as textured.

Based on these factors, the surgeon will work with you to determine the best choice of implant for the procedure. Read more in The Amerejuve Insider Vol. 2 No. 2. To schedule a free consultation with an Amerejuve board-certified plastic surgeon, call (713) 960-6262.

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