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What Is The SculpSure?

SculpSure is our FDA-cleared laser treatment for non-invasive fat destruction of the abdomen, flanks, back, inner thighs, outer thighs under the arms and more. It’s designed to safely and effectively eliminate unwanted and stubborn fat cells that diet and exercise cannot get rid of. The result is a permanent reduction in fat without needles, surgery or downtime. Benefits of SculpSure versus The Cool Sculpting:

· Flat, non-suction applicator design for consistent, natural looking results. More comfortable.

· No-bruising and massaging of the suctioned frozen brick of fat. You can go right back to work or play.

· Treat more than one area per session, therefore requiring less appointments and trips.

· Only takes on average 25 minutes per treatment area.

· Simple and efficient attachment system not messy and uncomfortable and cumbersome.

· Hands-free device, so you can relax, catch up on your reading, texting or emailing while being treated.

· Contact Cooling enhances your comfort.

SculpSure Houston TXIt’s true that Amerejuve Medspa offers various cosmetic procedures and treatments to improve the skin and body resulting in a younger look, however, taking care of one’s health inside and out contributes to how a person will age. We suggest the following tips:

1. Decrease Inflammation. Exercise 3-5 times a week at a medium intensity. Keep the body more alkaline vs. acidic by consuming lots of organic veggies and some fruit, and by limiting animal protein to organic grass fed when possible. Use alcohol in moderation. Alcohol can clog the liver and creates inflammation.

2. Decrease Sugar. When too much sugar mixes with proteins and fats it creates inflammation and forms molecules called AGE’s (Advanced Glycation End Products) which can promote aging. They can be also be a factor in the development or worsening of many degenerative disease such as Diabetes, Atherosclerosis, Chronic Kidney Disease and Alzheimers’s Disease.

3. Lower Stress. High Cortisol (a stress hormone) can raise blood pressure, lead to heart damage and Insulin Resistance which can prematurely age the skin and body.

4. Lessen exposure to free radicals. Avoid cigarettes, trans fats, excess sun, charred meats and pesticides. These can cause the skin to age prematurely and can contribute to major health challenges.

5. Better Sleep and More of It. By getting a minimum of 8 hours of good sleep, into the Deep Sleep Stage and R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement), the body is able to repair and recharge especially the muscles. During the day the body is in a catabolic (breaking down state) and during deep sleep the body becomes anabolic (repairing state).

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