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Ultherapy- A Non-invasive Way to Lift & Tighten Your Skin

Ultherapy is a non invasive treatment for skin tightening using ultrasound technology. And has the capability of penetrating up to 4.5 mm deep within your skin. Seeking collagen & elastin.
Once the pulses are delivered it causes thermal coagulation points within your skin. What an awesome concept, we are even able to see deep past the skin just as an ultrasound tech would.

ultherapy houston txThink of your skin as fish net stockings, very withered and torn. Now imagine after an Ultherapy treatment it takes the withered & torn parts of your collagen and brings it together (coagulates) to help bond giving you toner & tightened skin. So there is no longer gaps within your collagen.

Simply enough right?

Ultherapy can be used to treat your décolleté, face, lips and brows. As there are many benefits to Ultherapy.

  • Non-surgically lifts, tones & tightens the skin.
  • Stimulates the production of the body’s own collagen
  • No downtime & the results can be seen with just one treatment.
  • Treats “below” the skin without surgery.
  • Provides natural, noticeable results.
  • Clinically proven efficacy and safety profile.
  • Can be used as a non-surgical or post-surgical option.


Repairing and rebuilding the skin from the inside out is a process, not an event. Just as it takes time for muscle to build, the effects of Ultherapy build gradually over time. Typically the best results arise within 9 months of the treatment.

How does this process work?

Day 1 – tissue is heated with ultrasound energy without affecting the surface of the skin. Once a natural regenerative response is initiated, stimulating the growth of new collagen, which lifts and tightens the skin.

Month 3 – Your results will build gradually over 2-3 months, and can continue up to 6 months after the procedure.


Having complete open communication with your Ultherapy technician is crucial. Understanding your desired results will help bring a customized treatment.

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