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Treatment for brighter, younger-looking hands

Wanting to achieve younger, brighter looking hands? Revision has an awesome treatment for just that! Lumiquin is a nighttime rejuvenating treatment that is packed with powerful anti-aging and age dying formula full of antioxidants. This unique treatment cream brightens the skin of hands and minimizes the appearance of imperfections with the help of the powerful antioxidant Vitamin C and Licorice root extract to help increase the radiance of the skin. This can also help minimize the appearance of sun damage and age spots with Quinic acid esters which are powerful antioxidants that are derived from a certain Resurrection plant called Myrothamnus flabellifolia so this product does not contain hydroquinone. Over time of using Lumiquin you will notice that it provides a volumizing and filling effect meaning it can help minimize the appearance of veins. You hands will began feeling and looking smoother because this product helps support the skins natural barrier against environmental stressors while enhancing the skins moisture levels by keeping water in the skin.

Revision Lumiquin

Lumiquin is best for all skin types and a good anti-aging staple piece for everyone! It is best to use this product once daily at nighttime. For optimum results this product should be left on skin for several hours without washing hands. Apply to clean hands and apply to back of hands. Always protect with a good Sunscreen!

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