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The benefits of the V-Beam laser | V-Beam laser treatment free consultation

The VBeam laser is a pulsed dye laser designed specifically for redness in the skin.  Whether it be a vein, a hemangioma or a port wine stain (birthmark).

vbeam laser houstonThis wavelength is designed to seek out the hemoglobin in the blood, when the laser “zaps” the vein the vein wall collapses, and as the vein heals, less veins are present in the area treated.  People suffering from Rosacea, love this treatment, it helps with constant flare ups and drastically helps that flushed look in the skin.  One other key benefit, as a side effect it helps tighten the skin by plumping up our own natural collagen in the skin.

For patients with Rosacea, the V-beam Laser is the better choice versus the IPL.  The wavelength for the V-beam specifically targets the hemoglobin in the veins.  The V-beam also helps with the acne component of Rosacea, helping to clear the acne flare ups as well.  The IPL will take 6 or more treatments to achieve the results that the V-beam provides in as little as 3-4 treatments.  After your treatment make sure to use ELTA MD UV Clear SPF on a daily basis.

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Say Yes, to the VBeam laser!

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