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Stay Young in the Sun ALL Summer Long with The BEST Sunscreen!!

I know we ALL love our summer time pool trips, beach trips and adventurous day trips! But what we don’t love is having our skin harmed during the strong sunny days! Lucky for you, there’s a quick – and cheap! – way to make sure you have the best summer while keeping your skin protected in the best way as well!
Looking for the best face sunscreen? Look no further! We have two amazing brands with the perfect options for you!


1. Treat your skin good with EltaMD’s UV Clear sunscreens, in tinted AND non-tinted! UV Clear Tinted and Non-Tinted SPF 46 provides oil-free protection to sensitive skin types prone to discoloration and breakouts (acne and rosacea). So, along with having the best protection from the sun, you’re also getting the benefits of skincare!
2. EltaMD’s UV Daily, in tinted AND non-tinted SPF 40! UV Daily is similar to UV Clear, except this formulated sunscreen is good for normal to combination skin. If your skin falls under this category, the UV Clear may be to drying for your skin, and the UV Daily would best suit your skins needs! This sunscreen offers hyaluronic acid to boost moisture retention and diminish fine lines!
Both of these sunscreens, UV Clear and UV Daily (tinted or non-tinted) and both be worn under makeup for everyday use!

!Revision SkinCare!

1. Intellishade Original and Matte – these two sunscreens are exactly alike except one offers a more dewy complexion and the other a more matte complexion! Original would be good for people with more dry skin, to help moisturize and protect the skin with SPF 45 anti-aging tinted sunscreen! Matte would be good for people with more oily skin, offering the same benefits as the Original. Both sunscreens are great for all skin types!
2. Intellishade TruPhysical – this sunscreen is a 100% mineral sunscreen, with SPF 45 and anti-aging. This sunscreen provides broad-spectrum UV protection with 100% all-mineral technology and no hidden chemical sunscreen. Offering the same benefits as the Original and Matte sunscreen as well!

With these two AMAZING sunscreen brands, and any of their super soft and light-weight sunscreens, you’ll have your best summer with your best skin every day!

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