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We paint, contour, highlight, and blush our faces with makeup brushes every day, but how often do we clean them later? Dermatologists say that we should cleaning our tools every week basis to prevent bacteria buildup which can ultimately lead to unwanted breakouts. As brush hairs and sponges are porous, they hold on to old makeup residue and toxins from sweat, oil, and bacteria. The best and most thorough method for cleaning your tools requires only water and a gentle soap.


1. Wet the bristles/sponge and gently massage in soap. I use the Seventh-Generation natural dish soap, but you can use any brand of your choosing.

2. Continue to massage the bristles/sponge while running them under water until it runs completely clear.

3. Gently squeeze out the moisture and reshape the bristles if they became crooked. Next, just lay brushes flat to air-dry on a clean hand towel!skin care, makeup and brushes

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