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Skincare for Forgotten Areas, Beyond the Face that Need Proper Anti-Aging Care

We cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and protect our face. But what about the neck, décolleté and hands? Most women tend to forget about these areas when it comes to their daily skincare routine.

The skin on our neck and décolleté is very similar to the skin on our face and should be treated that way. If we do the same regimen on these delicate areas, we will see changes in the condition of the skin and reap the full benefits of our skincare products.

You’ve probably heard you can tell a women’s age by the condition of the skin on her hands. We put them through a lot. Whether that’s exposed to the sun’s rays while driving or plunged in hot, soapy water while doing the dishes, we rarely remember to put back what we take out.

So how should you get started? While there are many skincare products out there aimed specifically towards these areas, you can simply begin by using what you already have. The face wash you use daily on your face? Spread the product down your neck and décolleté while cleansing. If its time to exfoliate, start doing it to these areas as well. After cleansing and exfoliating are done, you can apply any serums, moisturizers and sun blocks you use for your face onto your neck and décolleté. There are some great products out there made for the neck, like our Revision Nectifirm, you can start using to help tighten and firm the skin. But if you don’t want extra steps or to spend extra money, your usual skincare regimen will be better than nothing! Don’t forget, your at-home masks are great for the neck and décolleté, too! So apply all the way down your chest.

As for the hands, the biggest thing to remember is to moisturize and protect. Doing regular exfoliation is also a great idea to keep hands soft and better able to absorb products. Using a hand cream or lotion that’s rich in antioxidants, peptides and oils will provide the hydration that is so often stripped during the day. A great product is Revision Lumiquin which creates brighter and younger looking hands. As with the face, masks are a wonderful treatment to restore loss of hydration on the hands. There are brands who make hand masks, so try one if you’re experiencing very dry, rough hands. Finally, using an SPF when you’re outdoors or driving is always necessary to keeping skin protected from damaging UV rays.

It’s that simple- anything you do to your face, do to your neck, décolleté and hands! Moisturize, exfoliate and protect to gain and maintain the youthfulness you want on your face to reflect on these forgotten areas, too.

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