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Don’t let the sun speed up your aging!

Summer is approaching FAST so grab some EltaMD sunscreen and protect your skin in the heat!

The benefits of sunscreen are endless! But here are a few fun facts to help convince you to make sunscreen a daily part of your skin care routine!

  • It keeps you looking more youthful! The number one cause of premature aging of the face is ultraviolet rays, by wearing sunscreen, you help prevent that leathery looking skin and wrinkles!
  • Sunscreen keeps your skin tone even! It helps prevention of brown spots and skin discoloration.
  • And number 3, OF COURSE! – It helps decrease the risks of cancer. Wearing sunscreen dramatically decreases these chances by putting a layer of protection over the skin in these super hot sunny days!

sunscreen benefits houston tx

Sunscreen is good for any skin type, any age, and any person! And lucky for you, EltaMD has any type of protection you need this summer! Tinted, nontinted, and specific sunscreens for acne/pigmentation/etc!

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