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Say Bye-bye To The Lower Stomach Pouch With Coolsculpting!

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Have the care-free, comfortable and confident summer you deserve with little to no pain AND little to no downtime!!

Are you someone who is pretty active, has a healthy diet and drinks a lot of water but can’t seem to get rid of that annoying little kangaroo pouch!? Worry no longer! CoolSculpting is the ultimate treatment to give you that contoured stomach the way you deserve! CoolSculpting works by using controlled cooling to gently freeze the fat cells under the skin in the lower abdomen for 35 minutes, basically freezing those fat cells to the point where they die off, but leaving your skin unaffected during the process. Your body will naturally process the fat and then eliminate the dead cells! The way it works, simplified, is the cooling is applied causing the fat cells to die and collapse. The white blood cells then digest and consume the dead fat cells and fatty acids within those cells, and your body naturally rid of the rest.

An easy way to think about CoolSculpting is by imagining a room of 100 balloons, each time you do CoolSculpting, we pop 25 of those balloons! This makes it so much easier for people who have good diet and exercise to shrink their remaining fat cells and lose the inches/weight FASTER!

Just like any treatment, CoolSculpting is adjusted to each clients wants and needs, so everyone’s treatment is different depending on those needs. CoolSculpting is customizable depending on the sizes needed and the amount of treatments the technician thinks would be needed in that area. Typically, 2 treatments are necessary per area for optimal results! – But a customizable treatment plan will be made during your free consultation to ensure you are a good candidate.

What you can expect after your treatment:

Little to no downtime!! You can return to work, to school and any other normal daily activities that you do immediately after your CoolSculpting procedure! The only side effects you will most likely have will consist of: bruising, tenderness, sore-feeling, possible swelling, numbness and itchiness (typically lasting up to 2-4 weeks).
Visible results! Majority of patients see results after 1 session, but as said before, some patients may require multiple treatment sessions depending on desired results!
Maintain your weight! Just because you had CoolSculpting doesn’t mean your fat cells are invincible to expanding – you can still gain weight with the remaining fat cells or fat cells under the muscle that CoolSculpting can’t reach. So maintain your diet and exercise so you can see the best results! (Results can take between 3-6 months to fully show through)

Treatments are done every 4-6 weeks, depending on what you and your technician discuss in your free consultation, and from there you will be able to discuss payment and the treatment game plan. So what are you waiting for!!

Get your free consultation and quote, and get ready to enjoy your summer feeling the confident BEAUTIFUL you that you are!!!

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