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Botox near me | Botox side effects & after care

Botox after care

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You’ve seen them. The unbelievably, amazing before and after photos from those particular procedures or treatments you’ve been dreaming of. Sometimes, the photos can appear too good to be true. While the differences you see online and or social media are oftentimes stunning, photos can be misleading. Always check the fine print and understand that results DO vary from person to person.

Possible Botox side effects include:

  • Pain, swelling, redness or bruising at the treatment site.
  • Flu-like symptoms.
  • Headache.
  • Neck pain.
  • Upset stomach (indigestion).
  • Temporary drooping eyelids (ptosis).
  • Eye irritation or redness.

You may discover that desired results may require the same treatment several times in addition to possible maintenance and healing time. Our job is to discuss your vision, to set a realistic expectation and then to customize a treatment plan to help achieve your goals.

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