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Methods of exfoliation

What types of exfoliation does Amerejuve offer?

microdermabrasionFirst it is important to understand that there are several different methods of exfoliation which includes Manual,chemical,mechanical and enzyme. Each method of exfoliation has its own set of benefits.

Manual exfoliation-

This is the process of shedding off dead skin and oil trapped in your pores through microbeads or a granular scrub. This process is typically done at home over your sink with your own hands. Amerejuve offers several different dermatologist grade manual exfoliating cleansers available for purchase. There is no down time associated with this method of exfoliation. Patients can expect to experience tighter skin and slow progression towards even skin tone and clear skin.

Mechanical exfoliation-

This is the process of microdermbrasion that we offer at Amerejuve medspa by our licensed estheticians. This process cannot be done at home and is achieved by using advanced techniques with a microdermabrasion wand. The end of the microdermabrasion wand is rough and comes in different textures ranging from mild to aggressive. There is minor downtime associated with this procedure. Patients can expect extra smooth skin after this procedure is performed. Microdermabrasion focuses mainly on correcting texture irregularities within the skin.

Chemical exfoliation-

This is the process of chemically exfoliating your skin with an acid based solution such as glycolic acid,salycilic acid,lactic acid or something stronger such as TCA. This solution dissolves the dead layers of skin and helps break up trapped sebum inside of your clogged pores. This process is usually referred to as a “chemical peel”. Depending on how much dead skin you have will depend on how much dead skin you will shed after this procedure. There is typically downtime associated with this procedure and you should be careful going out into the sun for about 2 weeks. Patients can expect to see clearer skin and even skin color after this procedure is performed and done with the healing phase.

Enzyme exfoliation-

This method of exfoliation is most seen in the form of a mask or cleanser. Like a chemical peel an enzyme dissolves the outer layer of dead skin sparring the fresh skin yet an enzyme is less aggressive than the weakest grade of chemical peel. This method is safe on all skin types and is preferred for delicate or sensitive skin types looking for a simple and quick solution.

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